Southwark Sponsors Hardisty K-9 School

Southwark Sponsors Hardisty K-9 School

Hardisty School, 10534 – 62 Street, Edmonton AB – Image Credit:

“There is nothing like knowing you have a real opportunity to affect the future in a positive way” – Tisha Johnson


Drugs & Addiction Magazine

The drugs & addiction magazine is written by a professional counsellor who talks directly to youth about the effects of alcohol and drug use and addresses modern-day trends in substance abuse. The magazine is commended by teachers, police services, and mental health and addiction counsellors as an effective teaching tool. Southwark’s involvement with Hardisty was sponsoring an entire set of magazines to be resourced to the kids directly. We brought this vital and celebrated magazine to the kids who need it most; free of charge. This directly supports the professionals who work diligently with young people in aiding them with making healthy choices. This exceptional magazine intended to help kids stay off drugs would potentially not be available to schools without the contribution of local businesses such as ourselves.

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