Southwark Developments at a business conference

Southwark Developments at a business conference

Whoever said you can’t have fun at work?

Back in May 2016, Southwark Developments proudly hosted a group of medical residents and industry colleagues at a business conference. These are the results:

Jasper Park Lodge 5     Jasper Park Lodge 4

Jasper Park Lodge, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Jasper Park Lodge 1     Jasper Park Lodge 3


Jasper Park Lodge 7     Saturday Golf 6 - Everyone Tee Off


Saturday Golf 1     Saturday Mountain Bike Adventure


Benny 2     Maligne Canyon

And the silly companions…

Friday Dinner 2     Saturday Dinner 1

Saturday Dinner 3     Saturday Dinner 5

Saturday Dinner 11     Saturday Dinner 7

Oh dear, and the food… 

Saturday Dinner 12    Food

But all in all, the amazing relationships and memories created will last a lifetime.

Saturday Dinner 9 - Group Photo

If you can laugh together