Linpac (Logtek Ltd)

Linpac (Logtek Ltd)

This was a rebuild of a previous Lindum project, which had burnt down during it’s first occupation. A large demolition sequence had to be carried out prior to construction works.

The build was essentially steel frame with two layers of cladding and 100 mm insulation sandwiched between. The office block to the front corner was bison beam flooring and traditional brick and block facade. The concrete floor internally had to be laid to a strict +/-5 mm over 3 m grids. This was due to the machinery operating within the building.

Karl found one element of this extremely interesting and that was the ground source heat recovery system. This was the first time he had worked with such a system, but by no means the last. As with all Karl’s contracts to date, this also finished ahead of time and under budget.

Duration: 20 weeks

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Logtek Ltd.

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L5 Design

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