Condominium Project Management Services

How can we serve you?

Quite often you hear horror stories in the industry about projects going badly. This happens for many reasons: a bad contractor, lack of communication, poor details and drawings, and difficult clients. Frequently, we find that trust is the biggest issue.

Clients may believe contractors are not doing the job they were hired for, or that they are not spending the money appropriately. This problem is especially common with condominiums. People from different backgrounds put personal funds into renovation projects and reserve funds, which often arises to disagreements between members of the property boards and contractors. Most of the time, this problem is a trust and communication issue. If a condominium board is comprised of professional and responsible people, but none of the members are experienced in the construction industry, how do they know the information they are presented with is accurate? That the estimates are fair? Or if the work, once complete, was done properly? It is a tough task. In a perfect world, every contractor is reliable, dependable, and honest. However, that is not always the case.

How can we help?

Southwark offers a service separate to that of the contractors and property managers. It is important to note that property managers are crucial to a successfully managed building, and the service we offer is not intended to replace them; it is designed to compliment and assist them.

The ‘normal’ process…

  1. You have a problem, and it needs fixing.
  2. Your property manager or yourself source a contractor to view the work.
  3. A quote is given.
  4. A quote is approved.
  5. The work commences.
  6. The work is not happening as quickly as you would like.
  7. The contractor informs you of increased prices for ‘some’ reason.
  8. Doubt starts to enter the mindset of the board.
  9. Confrontation with the contractor occurs.
  10. Work is eventually completed.
  11. Payment disagreements typically occur.
  12. Everyone is left with a bitter taste in their mouth.

What we do…

First, it is important to note that WE WORK FOR YOU. We are not the contractor. Our primary goal is to protect your interests.

  1. We meet to assess your building in its current condition, and review any current plans you have in place for maintenance or projects.
  2. If your building has not had a recent reserve fund study, (and by recent we mean within the last 10 years) we arrange one for you. This is a crucial part of managing the future of your building.
  3. If you do not already have an idea of the work required, or have not yet engaged engineers where required, we will arrange this for you.
  4. We outsource to find you the best pricing from the most reputable contractors to carry out the work required.
  5. We schedule work in accordance with your building; no noisy activities during certain hours, water shutdowns when it inconveniences the least number of people, and so on.
  6. We manage the contractors ensuring they are working to schedule and they are respectful, clean, and safe.
  7. We approve progress payments to the contractor. A member from our team is appointed to you and confirms the work being invoiced is completed to the required standard prior to payment approval. If not, we ensure it gets done properly.
  8. We report to you regularly keeping you up-to-speed on progress, forecasting likely disruptions, and issuing bi-weekly or monthly reports depending on the activities. You always know what is going on.
  9. We handle contract negotiations and deal with any conflicts arising during the project. We resolve them in a manner that keeps your project on track.

When the project is complete, Southwark does not wash its hands and walk away. We strongly suggest we be kept on retainer to assist with your building’s ongoing annual maintenance. We like to offer a year-round service, so you can have peace of mind and that work scheduled for one, two, or five years down the line is already being planned well in advance. We prefer preventative measures to the costlier reactive measures!

We have already helped other condominium boards achieve their project success, while dramatically reducing their end costs. Let us assist you!